How Taco Tuesday saved dinner


As I mentioned yesterday in my post about scheduling, I seem to be allergic to schedules. One of the ares that I have failed big time is meal planning. I have purchased plans, I have read books. I have made elaborate plans, I have made simple plans, and not one of them has worked. Enter Taco Tuesday.

One week I made a tamale pie and joked with my children that it was “Tamale Tuesday” They insisted that we must have a Taco Tuesday, so I agreed that next week, I would make tacos on Tuesday. And by coincidence or divine intervention, Aldi’s was selling Taco Bell taco kits and sauce, so I picked up a few kits and few bottles of sauce and made sure we had all the necessary toppings and the next week we had tacos for dinner. We happen to buy our ground meat in 10 lb chubs, so I fried it all and froze what we did not need that night.

Next Tuesday rolls around, and G had OT, in the afternoon, and I was tired and coming home with not a lot of time to prep dinner. Well I had a 2nd pack of shells in the pantry and meat already cooked in the freezer. Who wants to do Taco Tuesday again? The kids all enthusiastically consented. And Taco Tuesday was born. Now I have one less night of the week to plan, I just make sure I have some kind of meat, taco shells and toppings, and Tuesday dinner is a no-brainer.

The best part about Taco Tuesday is that is doesn’t limit my creativity, We can have different kinds of tacos so it doesn’t have to be the same thing every week. This week I needed to use up a chuck roast, and I wanted to use the crock pot, so I searched the internet (using Swagbucks aff. link) for a chuck roast crockpot taco recipe,and I came up with this one (which smells excellent, btw) Some weeks we have chicken, some ground beef, I can do pork, or fish, or shrimp. I can play around with the toppings, I can make my own salsa. But we all know that we are going to have some kind of taco on Tuesday (even if it resembles what might be called a taco on cutthroat kitchen). The other way this has helped me is that Tuesday is often when DH works late. Its so nice to have dinner planned on those nights!


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